More of the same, mostly

Some may think that our life is pretty boring.  For the most part, there's nothing super-exciting or new going on.  But I love the "mundane-ness" of our life.  It allows for more "let's make today SPECIAL" days.  Like yesterday...

In the morning, Micah went to men's Bible study and then took the car in for a much-needed oil change.  While he did that, Kait and I went grocery shopping (I've been meal-planning so I knew exactly what we needed for the week! Go me!).  We got home and had our picnic lunch ready just as Micah returned home.  Since the weather wasn't ideal, we picnicked indoors.  We had sandwiches, cantaloupe, and chips on a blanket int he living room and we watched Charlotte's Web.  Later, Kait and Micah went to the shop (the wood shop where Micah works) so Micah could finish up a project.  That gave me some time to relax and read on my Kindle.  (I adore my new Kindle.)  The rest of the day went like this: 3 loads of laundry, Kait helping to prepare dinner (beef enchiladas and rice), a quick visit to Grandma and Papa's house, and a [really dumb horror] movie for Micah and I after Kait was in bed.

Nothing special....but I loved that we could spend the day as a family.

In other news...

  • We're moving to a 3-bedroom townhome (in our same apartment complex) at the end of July!  YAY!
  • Kait and I went on her kindergarten class field trip to a farm at the end of April.  Here are a couple photos:

Kait in the "maze" made of tall hedges.

Kait and her friend Erica eating oranges we hand-picked from the trees on the farm.
  • I'm now 7 months pregnant!  Visit our blog at the4thleonard.blogspot.com for more on the pregnancy.
  • We have a vacation planned for this summer - a trip to Clear Lake in Northern California with our dear friends the Hays family.  We chose this location because it's a half-way point between our home and theirs (in Marysville, Washington) and my parents have allowed us to use their timeshare there!

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Lee Jones said...

Hey, I wouldn't knock boring and normal.

So... who's watching Mittens while you're on vacation? We're living in Pomona if you need help.