When the going gets tough, the tough make a list

What I Don't Know:

  • The date of Christian's arrival in relation to our move & Kait's first day of school
  • When I'll be able to go to the hair salon again
  • When Micah will find a new job
  • How our bills will get paid next month
  • Who Ali will end up choosing on The Bachelorette (hopefully not the guy with the hair or the weatherman)
  • What we're having for dinner next Thursday
What I Do Know:
  • My God:
  • My husband will do whatever it takes to provide for our family. He is a good man.
  • We have an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING group of friends and family that will rally around us in time of need.  No joke - it's completely overwhelming.
  • My husband doesn't mind my nappy hair...so if salon visits are out of the question, it's OK.
  • I am still incredibly in love with the man I married 8 years ago today.
  • Dinner this Thursday will consist of sloppy joes, corn on the cob, and baked beans. 
  • I need to plant myself at the feet of the Lord.  It's what He's calling me to do.  He's tried whispering it but I've been drowning out His voice with my desire for control, my desire for circumstantial comfort, and my desire for "stuff."  
  • Everything will be just fine.

4 comment(s):

Angela :) said...

LOL! My least two favorite...the guy with the hair and the weatherman! lol

B is for Boring said...

So true... everything will be OK... God is good and faithful to those who love Him...

Kendrew said...

God always provides... always, always, always. I am complete faith that God will take care of your growing family in every way.

I was actually hoping she wouldn't have moved the toupee hair looking guy and the weatherman on but I am hoping she has better judgement.

Anonymous said...

I just want you to know you are amazing and you are God's special daughter, as you said he will provide! How amazing is that? God has amazing plans that at the time we don't understand, but when we see the big picture we will see the vast love of our God